Our Spiritual son, Tyler Johnson, has written some exceptional books, and recorded some excellent Cd’s and Dvd’s on intimacy, God’s goodness, healing, supernatural lifestyle and dead raising.  His teachings are foundational to understanding the true character of God and breaking free from religion.  They will rock you!

 Books by Tyler Johnson

  • Stories of the Supernatural
  • How to Raise the Dead
  • The Coming
  • The Unredeemed


You can visit Tyler's ministry page here: OneGlance.org and also Deadraisingteam.com

Our friend, John Crowder, lives the lifestyle of the joyful bliss and will give you revelation of the blissful pleasures of heaven, finished works of the cross and the union we now live in Christ.

Reccommended books from John

  • The New Mystics
  • Ecstasy of Loving God
  • Mystical Union
  • Seven Spirits Burning 



Our friend, Jeremy Mangerchine loves to help people cultivate relationships with God, themsleves and their deepest passions.  His books challenge us to assess our communication and relationships and move us into deeper connections.

Recommended books from Jeremy

  • The Longest Bridge Across Water
  • The Quitters Manual
  • The Table and the Dream: What To Do Once You Know You Are Free

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